Live For The Opportunities

I literally just had the best night ever! I got to hang out with friends I haven’t seen or talked to in a really long time. It was just wonderful :D

People who have already graduated and are still stuck in high school really annoy me. Like you’re in college, stay there.

People who make fun of other peoples feelings and emotions and publicly embarrass them causing them to cry immensely just so they can get a laugh out of it piss me off. You don’t want to make me angry and that’s pretty much one of the top ways to do it.

Tom Odell - Heal (If I Stay Version)
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Willamette Stone - I Never Wanted To Go (Bonus Track)
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I spend this hollow nights 
All alone
Safe from the looking glass
That you’ve kept home

Willamette Stone - Never Coming Down
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Willamette Stone - I Want What You Have
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Willamette Stone - Today
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it’s so addicting 

Willamette Stone - Heart Like Yours
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